Hidden Gem - Thomasville


It's rare to uncover a gem in your own backyard. Although this backyard is about five hours from the Athens area, located in southwest Georgia, Thomasville feels like home. It's perfect for a long weekend escape made even better with some cool in-between stops (Jimmy Carter's home in Plains; SAM Shortline in Americus; and a little west, Senoia, home of The Walking Dead) to boot. 
With a coastal vibe, yet located securely within the triangle of Georgia-Florida-Alabama, it is only minutes away from Tallahassee, Florida, two hours from Dothan, Alabama, and a world away from the rat-race of everyday. There's a passion mingling through the community for good food, natural beauty, historic pride and southern hospitality -- and, as many boast, some of the best quail hunting in the South.

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