Community Showcases

A city that never disappoints ~ Duluth

Over the past few years, Duluth has undergone what can only be called rebirth.  This Gwinnett County city has experienced a complete transformation of its fading downtown, and in the process, has become a destination for locals and visitors as well. To keep reading, click here

Live, Work and Visit ~ Awesome Alpharetta

Once a small town in a rural North Fulton County, the city of Alpharetta has grown into a destination for shopping, commerce, and business - all while retaining a good measure of the small town feel. 

Located 22 miles north of Atlanta, the city offers a wide array of attractions.  It is a family-friendly destination with award-winning parks, hiking and biking trails, and arboretums.  Shoppers have access to more than 250 shops, including eclectic boutiques, luxury brands and popular retail stores. There are also more than 200 dining options, including a variety of locally owned and chef-driven restaurants. To keep reading, click here

It's Pure Gold ~ Dahlonega

Danlonega is unashamedly a tourist town.  This small picturesque community nestled in the foothills of North Georgia's Blue Ridge Mountains has been drawing visitors keen on sampling its many pleasures for decades.  

These days, there are a host of new and updated attractions to pique their interest.  The historic town square is brimming with shops, restaurants and other attractions.  The Gold Museum, the best known local venue, has undergone a makeover and provides a new take on the city's and region's storied history. For the full story, click here

Welcome Home ~ Hiawassee

     From its quaint main streets to the scenic natural wonders that surround it, Hiawassee is a northeast Georgia town that appeals to those seeking a relaxed pace of life.

     With a population shy of 900, it's a small town with a big presence and history.  Its name is derived from the Cherokee - or some say Creek - word Ayuhwasi, which means meadow.  The similar spelling, Hiwassee, is used for the local river and some other Appalachian place names.  To learn more, click here

Unique and Boutique ~ Grayson

     In Grayson, they like to think of themselves as a unique boutique town set amidst a number of big-box cities. 

     This quaint town of 3,800 in southeast Gwinnett County  has become a destination for those seeking the charms of small town life, a slower pace and good schools for the kids.  Click here for the full story. 

Be Surprised ~ LaGrange

LaGrange has been called a hidden gem that combines a small town pace of life with a vibrant economy and big city cultural amenities.  In the past, locals of this West Georgia city located in Troup County were happy to keep their little piece of heaven to themselves; not any longer.  IN recent years, it's gotten harder to keep its charms a secret.  From a bustling entrepreneurial and industrial base to a thriving downtown, the quality of life in LaGrange will amaze and surprise. Click here for the full article. 

Experience authentic ~ The Ellijays

The North Georgia mountain towns of Ellijay and East Ellijay certainly aren't twins, although they border each other.  Each has its own distinct personality that attracts visitors and full-time residents alike. 

Most folks driving north on the scenic Appalachian Foothills Parkway come upon East Ellijay first.  Nestled along the bank of the Cartecay River, this small town of about 600 occupies two square miles. To keep reading, click here

Flourishing with assets ~ Tifton & Tift County

     Over the past decade, the city of Tifton has become a center for industry, retail and healthcare in South Georgia.  Travelers from throughout the country know it best as the place to stop for rest and fuel on the way to Florida on Interstate 75.  

     It's many assets have kept it growing, even during economic downturns. For the full article, click here