A Decade of Reflection

"I didn’t know it was my dream, until it became my reality.” I told someone this recently when we were discussing the beginning of Georgia Connector, ten years ago.

Then again, my editor Judy Garrison called it as well while at our inaugural issue launch/Christmas party. She and her husband Len gave me a bottle of champagne with a tag on it that read, “Celebrate your dream coming true!” To continue reading click here.

Seeing Charms Firsthand

One of the greatest rewards of writing about this rich and diverse region of the state for Georgia Connector magazine is seeing its many charms firsthand.

This region of Georgia is both a delight and an education. Over the past decade, I’ve traveled to main street towns, talked to shopkeepers and company presidents, and visited farms and parks. And I’ve always kept learning. Every source for an assignment told me a story that was unique and often captivating. Click here to read more.

Through the Eyes of A Writer

The blessings of being a photographer and journalist abound. Digging deep and telling people’s stories of joy, challenges, accomplishments, relationships and even sorrows. Helping shed light on hidden topics, to enlighten readers and broaden their horizons. Sharing travel adventures and encourage people to consider other viewpoints. To read more on this story, click here.

Gifts From The South - Appetizing Experiences

“I got my own way of living, but everything gets done, with a Southern accent where I come from.”

The legendary chef and esteemed cookbook author Edna Lewis was often quoted as saying that “the South gave America its food.” During her final years in Decatur, I was fortunate to learn from her. How we eat parallels the evolution of other gifts from the South, particularly music: gospel, blues, jazz, country, bluegrass and rock. European and African cultures blended into rich cultural gumbo connected to the soil, family and religion. Click here to continue reading.

Links in the Chain

Its title resonated with me from the instant I heard it. Back when I was a child, before central air conditioning was the norm, families sat out on porches after supper – to cool off, to rest a spell, to talk over what was done and what still needed doing. Reminiscing invariably took over. That first story connected to another, then another, and another. This led me, as a youngster, to form a worldview of life as a chain made of connected links. Click here to continue reading.