First Year Features

Besse Cooper, 2nd Oldest in the World

When Besse Cooper was born in Sullivan County, Tennessee on August 26, 1896, the automobile had yet to be invented, the “Web” was something a spider wove and airplanes served as the stuff of science fiction.

Officially considered the oldest living person in Georgia, this proud Walton County resident has also earned the distinction of being the second-oldest living American and the third-oldest living individual in the world. Last year, the city of Monroe honored this 114-year-old supercentenarian by proclaiming her birthday “Besse Cooper Day.”  To read Besse’s story, click here.  (Photo by Bennett Brian)

All Roads Lead to Bethlehem

There is no guiding light. Not during the daylight hour. However, there are signs everywhere. Just past the “big white church”, down Christmas Avenue and next door to “It’s a Wonderful Life” antique shop sits the season’s most sought out destination. It’s not just a post office. It’s the Bethlehem Post Office….to read more about Bethlehem’s Post Office, click here.  (Photo by Bethlehem Post Office)

Certified and Ready

In July 2010, Jackson and Walton Counties became two of Georgia’s most recent Certified Work Ready Communities. Governor Sonny Purdue established Georgia Work Ready in August of 2006, created to market Georgia’s workforce and cultivate economic read more about the Georgia Certified Work Ready Initiative, click here.  (Photo by Walton County Chamber of Commerce)