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The Eyes Have It

Eyewear is making a comeback.

"From larger lenses to throw-back retro styles, people are choosing their eyewear as an expression of personal style and fashion," says Bridget Story, optician with Gainesville Eye Associates.  "We see a number of younger people, college students, choosing glasses over contact lenses.  They're going larger and bolder." To keep reading, click here

Classic Southern Style

Boots. Style. Grace: Three things that bind all southerners. Everyone believes in those lace and pearls, the bow ties and boots. Everyone says “Bless your heart” and of course, “y’all.” Tailgating and football games are a must on Fridays and Saturdays while Sundays are spent at church and grandma’s house. As a southern belle and a southern gentleman, one must dress appropriately for each occasion. It is how many southerners are raised. Mama taught their little girls to always look their best while Daddy taught their young men that boots go with everything. Southern style is unique because it stems from traditions yet allows younger generations to mix classic aspects with modern elements as well to complement their own individuality. Click here for the full story.

Decorating with the Heart ~ A Family Tradition

Holiday decorating does not have to be the hardest thing you do this season. Many families fret over decor options. How should the mantle be embellished? How many Santa figurines are too many? As the daughter of an interior decorator, I have seen endless cycles of the moving and shaking of furniture and holiday ornamentation. It is no surprise that I am intrigued with the whole operation and would like to share some lessons learned over the years to erase holiday woes. Family traditions promote the individuality of each home with fun preferences and the natural resources found outside.