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Satisfying Traditions

I never met Dessie Greene, my great grandmother, except through the handful of diaries she left behind. Her sentences are sparse yet a window into a slower-paced world.  In particular, I was taken by the patterns of social life in her small town.  These days we spend much of our free time absorbed by electronic screens rather tan enjoying each other's company.  My great-grandparents, on the other hand, took turns hosting and attending weekly card parties.  The though of those simple socials make me wistful - and inspired.  Our family tried following Greene habits and started a weekly Game Night.  It was such a success that a few months later I turned our dining room into a game parlor.  Antiques like marble mazes and a carom board decorate the walls to set the mood.  Then, we invite family or friends over on Sunday nights for an easy soup supper followed by dominoes or board games. To read more, click here