County Profiles

Ushering in the New ~ Barrow County

Barrow County may be miles from the sprawl of Atlanta, but this fast-growing communities rapidly transitioning from rural to suburban, and it's getting a lot of attention.

People and businesses are moving into its charming small towns and lush countryside. Click here to continue reading.

Scoring Big ~ Jackson County

Jackson County may be on the edge of Metro Atlanta, but this fast-growing is at the heart of two big industries that are generating jobs and investments. Click here to continue reading.

Liberty County ~ The Gem of the Georgia Coast

Liberty County is a place that takes its freedoms very seriously. Known as the gem of the Georgia coast, it is shaped by its history, location, and service. Home to Fort Stewart, the largest military installation east of the Mississippi River, Liberty County is proud to have military families live and work in the community, and soldiers depart from this location for missions around the world. Click here to continue reading.

Walton's Successful Combination

Situated midway between Atlanta and Athens, Walton County is a region that is neither urban nor rural but has successfully combined the best of both.

Here you’ll find main streets well-stocked with unique oneof- a-kind shops. There’s country living for those attracted to the outdoors as well as a wealth of jobs with some of the biggest names in corporate America. Click here to continue.

Oconee County ~ Answering the Call

Oconee County sits east of Atlanta and next door to Athens-Clarke County. Over the years, it has been overshadowed by its bigger and better-known neighbors. All that’s changing rapidly, and today, the region is on the map. It has become a destination for a wide variety of newcomers including businesses and industries seeking a productive home base, families pursuing the perfect community, and tourists exploring a rich taste of history. To continue reading click here.

Athens – Clarke County ~ That Can–Do Spirit

Athens-Clarke County has long been regarded as a college town, home to the sprawling University of Georgia (UGA), nearly 40,000 students, and Bulldog football. However, it’s much more than that. The city’s music, art, and food scene are known nationally, and increasingly, it has become home to a thriving tech sector that is churning out advanced products in fields like bioscience. To read more on Athens–Clarke County click here.

Newton County ~ Multifaceted and on the Move

Newton County is a place that can present very different faces to visitors. There’s the slow-paced charm of its small towns. There’s the glamour of Hollywood in the film crews and actors that often take over the city streets and the countryside. Increasingly, there are the gleaming and spotless facilities that house a busy and rapidly growing tech sector. It’s all Newton. For more on Newton click here.

Morgan County ~ The Right Place at the Right Time

Morgan County was always in the right place, and now, it is the right time for this up-and-coming area. Bisected by Interstate 20 with easy connections to Atlanta on the west and Augusta in the east, it is a prime destination for both people, business and industry. To read more about Morgan County click here.

Jackson County ~ Communities on the Rise

Do not tell folks in Jackson County that America can’t make things anymore. This region 60 miles north of downtown Atlanta is experiencing a boom in manufacturing. To learn more about Jackson County click here.

Barrow County ~ A future with expanding promise

Barrow County sits on the outer edge of Metro Atlanta and has long been a destination for those seeking more affordable homes and a slower, easier pace of life.  Today, it is growing fast as a flood of new residents, including younger people, and new businesses are moving into its charming small towns and verdant countryside. For the full article, click here

Brighter Than Ever ~ Walton County Shines

Walton County may be situated perfectly between Atlanta and Athens, but this thriving, fast growing region continues to plot its own course.  With a booming job market that includes big regional projects such as a Facebook data center and bioscience pharmaceutical giant Takeda, the county has become a place where more and more people want to live and work. For the full article, click here.

Vibrant as ever ~ Jasper, Madison & Oglethorpe counties

Visit the three east central Georgia counties of Jasper, Madison and Oglethorpe and you'll find vibrant areas that are attracting people, building strong economies, and looking to the future.

They may be largely rural and contain small towns, but the people are proving that you don't have to live in the big city to build a productive community. To keep reading, click here

Expansion and optimism ring true ~ Elbert & Greene

The Northeast Georgia counties of Elbert and Greene have long played to their strengths.  These are areas plentiful with natural resources, scenic beauty and hardworking resourceful people, qualities now on display in both counties. To keep reading, click here

A county with it all ~ Oconee

Oconee County sits right next door to Athens-Clarke County, famously home of the University of Georgia.  Throughout much of its history, the larger neighbor got most of the attention.  That began to change when people, businesses, and even large corporations decided Oconee was the place to be. For the full story, click here

Rolling in supply and demand ~ Conyers-Rockdale

Drive about an hour east on Interstate 20 from Atlanta and as city and suburbs fall away, you'll find green rural expanses and small town charms of Rockdale County.  It can seem like a different world, but it's one that is swiftly gaining a regional and even national reputation. 

People are drawn here for good schools and a slower pace of life, but there's much more.  Outdoor enthusiasts know of its Olympic sports venues.  Spiritual seekers are drawn to the Monastery of the Holy Spirit for refuge and regeneration in a hectic world. To read more, click here

Progressive and recession proof ~ Athens Clarke County

Athens is best known as a college town where the sprawling University of Georgia dominates.  Yet, look beyond students filling downtown bars, the tailgaters on game days and even the ongoing construction on campus, and you will find a surprisingly diverse and vibrant economy.

"Business is always pretty good in Athens," declares Doc Eldridge, president of the Athens-Clarke County Chamber of Commerce. "Sometimes, it may be incredibly good, and other times, it may be just good. By being home to the University of Georgia as well as two successful health care centers, 28 industries, a strong service and retail sector, we are almost recession proof." For the full article, click here

Capitalizing on Resources ~ Morgan

     Morgan County is a place that has found success by embracing both the future and the past.  There are modern industries, lovingly preserved in a historic building.  It is a place that welcomes both old timers and a growing number of newcomers drawn by country life and small town charm.  To keep reading, click here.