Head to One of Georgia's Newest Brewery

Craft breweries are the trendiest way to hone your taste buds to new, captivating flavors of hop-based drinks, and the Peach State is right on top of this phenomenon. Several new breweries and taprooms are open and ready to showcase their latest concoctions, so gather your friends and check them out. To read more about Georgia's new breweries click here.

How Country Music Brought a Community Together

In 2018, music lovers from around Georgia attended a concert in Monroe to support Arria Grace Ingram, a girl born with a rare genetic disorder called Trisomy 13. In the summer of 2019 in Senoia, they reunited in memory of another young child, Parker Archie, with the same disorder. The singer-songwriter on stage at these two events was Lawson Bates, who became involved because “Everyone has a responsibility to try to make the world a better place.” To read more on the story click here.

Young Professionals Produce Innovative Ideas

The Young Gamechangers kicked off their time in Walton County with a visit to City Hall in downtown Monroe in January 2019.

Marketability and effective tourism efforts. Appropriate housing options and quality of life for citizens. Economic development through the growth of local business. How to maximize location and leverage partnerships in order to strengthen relationships. To continue reading click here.

Q & A ~ Monica Callahan

As the director for everything that most citizens take for granted, Monica Callahan keeps Morgan County residents and businesses up to code, in the zone, and compliant with state and federal guidelines when it comes to building and developing. Callahan is an avid supporter of small towns and understands that she’s exactly where she’s supposed to be—on the frontline, coordinating the city of Madison and the community of Morgan County as both do impressive things. For more on this Q & A click here.