Architecture & Design

The Upshaw Home

     Built after the turn of the twentieth century, the Upshaw Home in social Circle has a bit of a storied, yet fascinating history, especially given its construction during a time when social etiquette was in high regard.  Where the Blue Willow Inn now sits was formerly home to John and Bertha Upshaw, an estate located in the middle of a cotton farm, surrounded by an orchard of pecan trees.  Upshaw, a wealthy man in his time, decided to build the Upshaw Home to compete with his brother's neighboring house, and the result is truly unique.  The two houses are roughly identical in size, the differences being that the Upshaw Home is 18 inches wider and longer, has two sprawling porches, and is painted a soft shade of yellow.  In essence, the two homes are mirror images of each other, and Mayor Hal Dally claims the back and forth competition would've been a sight to see in 1910, when the home was built. For the full story, click here