Summer 2018 Features

The Water's the Limit

     It's summer, y'all, and it's prime lake time.  Are you ready for some lake exhilaration? Are you daring? Are you clued-in on the extraordinary watersports available in the twenty-first century? 

     Follow along, dear reader.  Use your imagination and grid your loins for what's to come on Georgia's lakes this fine summer - if you dare.

     Counting natural and manmade lakes, and one or two lakes it shares with another state, Georgia has more than 20 major lakes, and many smaller ones.  Many are in the northern quarter of the Peach State; more extend from the eastern state line to the western line across the midsection of the state.  A few more can be found in the southeastern quadrant.  To keep reading, click here

A Snapshot of Time

     History can be a guide to where you've been and where you may be going.  Four counties in Northeast Georgia are taking a look at what their history has given during bicentennial celebrations in 2018.  

    The four - Gwinnett, Hall, Habersham and Walton - are considered sister counties.  They all got their start on the same day on December 15, 1818, by an act of the Georgia General Assembly.  They are celebrating the diverse paths they have each followed to success. For the full story, click here

Chiggers - Oh My!

     "What can I do about these chigger bites?"

     "Do you know where you got 'em? Well, don't go there!"

     Good advice from my friend Dac Crossley, one of the few chigger specialists still active in the United States. Now retired from the University of Georgia Ecology Department, Professor Crossley studied chiggers for his PhD at The University of Kansas sixty years ago.  Click here to continue reading. 

Q & A: Mayor Dave

     From Chicago to a small town in Georgia, Dave Shearon followed the road that led him to a world outside of creative advertising to one of Southern hospitality.  As the co-owner of Ashford Manor in Watkinsville, he has now taken on a new role, that of mayor of this bedroom community that appears to be thriving.  Five months in, Shearon gets ready to meet progress head-on. Click here for the full article.