Simple Foundations

Back in the foothills of northwest Georgia a young woman sat reading in a simple log cabin. Her father, a wealthy businessman, had built it as a playhouse for her. On this particular day, she looked up to see a few children looking through the open door. They asked what she was doing. These were mountain children who had no school and books, and reading was foreign to them. Through this encounter, Martha Berry began small by first reading Bible stories to the children, and then, teaching them to read for themselves. Her efforts quickly outgrew her tiny cabin and larger accommodations had to be made. And so, a simple log cabin was the foundation of what is now one of the most respected colleges in the South. To continue reading click here.

Aging Gracefully

Nestled among tall hardwoods along Briarcliff Road on the east side of Atlanta, the Callanwolde Fine Arts Center is a study in history and culture. Celebrating its one-hundredth anniversary in 2020, the Gothic-Tudor mansion has stood watch over a century of changes to Georgia’s largest city. To keep reading about Callanwolde click here.

And The Beat Goes On

The Allman Brothers Band, The Marshall Tucker Band, R.E.M., the B-52s. Music pioneers responsible for Southern Rock and American Rock in the 1970s and 1980s who hailed from two Georgia towns – Macon and Athens – left their indelible marks on music history. Click here to continue reading.

Q & A : David Bradley

Picture this. The queen has eyes on you, and after her test of a joust to determine your worth, you win. Love wins. Such is the story that unfolds in Camelot when the handsome knight Lancelot appears to Guenevere and steals her heart.

Picture this. The same knight assumes a different role, standing before a packed house, discussing projections and plans, options for improvement and diversification, events and chartering a positive course in the midst of a chaotic world for the town that has stolen the knight’s heart.

For David Bradley, president and CEO of the Athens Area Chamber of Commerce, he’s as comfortable in front of the Round Table as he is in front of his community. Although the community might be somewhat shocked that their business leader can joust as well as he can lead, they have no doubt in the power and passion of the man in charge. For more on this Q & A click here.