Winter 2018 Features

Uniquely Hitched

     Christmas may be the most wonderful time of the year, but a couple's wedding day is the most spectacular moment of their lives.  Childhood dreams of the perfect day become reality as their closest friends and family gather in one spot to observe their official beginning.  

     The selection of a wedding date, more often than not, depends on venue availability, and many of the most in-demand locations have been known to book as much as 18 months to two years in advance. To keep reading, click here

Koinonia Farm

     With its extended horizons, South Georgia qualifies as a version of big sky country.

     Farmers say that nearly every plant will grow and prosper in the fertile soil. The Florida Aquifer, the world's largest, runs under the fields, assuring abundant water.  The region has produced some legends from Ray Charles, Jazz vocalist Joe Williams, Nobel Laureate Jimmy Carter and a man not so widely known, Reverend Clarence Jordan, the principal founder of Koinonia Farm. Click here for the full story.

Q & A: John Scarborough

     Community leaders rarely have spare time, and its no exception for John Scarborough, chairman of the Madison County Board of Commissioners.  Upon retirement, most people long to do the things that had been put on the back burner for so many years.   

     When Scarborough retired from the United States Air Force, instead of taking the traditional retirement role, he returned to Madison County, ran for office and is, once again, serving in a leadership role.  With only two years under his belt, he is poised to watch his hard work take hold and make a difference. 

     His work in his community is far from over; his spare time will have to wait.  For the full article, click here.