Good Ol' Southern BBQ

When the chilly, dark days of winter come to a close, there is nothing more satisfying than a cold beer or Coca-Cola® and barbecue. Here in the South, barbecue serves as the quintessential food to eat outside on a patio as live music plays in the background. And, quite frankly, there is nothing cuter than a little kid running around a restaurant with BBQ-stained cheeks. To continue reading click here.

Secrets of Georgia's Coast

Visitors To Georgia's Six Coastal Counties can live like the locals this spring. Pick a spot anywhere along the state’s 100 miles of coastline, 14 barrier islands and nine estuaries for a memorable vacation. Savannah to the north and St. Marys to the south bookend these coastal towns — easily accessible from I-95 and provide much more than a trip to the beach.Click here to continue reading.

More Than 4-H

Remember Mr. Kimball of TV’s Green Acres? The county extension agent in Hooterville who attempted to instruct a rich Manhattan couple, Oliver and Lisa Douglas, on the dos-and-don’ts of county living? Although he was described as being “educated beyond his intelligence,” he often self-corrected himself until totally losing track of his conversation, making audiences laugh for six seasons in the 1960s. Keep reading by clicking here.

Q & A ~ Debbie Harper

The art of transitioning can be a difficult span of time without an intense bond connecting one to his work. For Debbie Harper, interim president of the Covington- Newton County Chamber of Commerce, the bond and the passion for her work with the community existed well before she landed in her current position. As she leads her growing county into a new and promising decade, she wants everyone to know that she is here to help. To read the Q & A click here.