2017 Fall Features

Q&A: Bob Hughes

Bob Hughes has found the right ladder. As he says, climbing the ladder of success can only mean so much if you're climbing the wrong ladder.  He keeps his eyes looking upward, climbing his chosen ladder as he builds and promotes the community of Morgan County.  Most days, you'll find him walking the streets of downtown Madison, greeting his small business owners, offering advice and help.  After all, as president of the chamber, he understands that his success depends on the success of his members.  And how fulfilling his role has become in aiding others to climb their right ladder.  For the full article, click here

Hand-Crafted Quality

     "We ain't got no saw, so you boys best hold on!"

     It was fair warning in straight Cajun.  Jeff Guidry backed up an 18-foot aluminum duck boat, goosed the throttle and slammed the bow into a 5-feet-in-diameter cypress stump.  It took a few tries for the hollowed-out swap sentry to buckle.  Then, 10 feet of timber were wrestled into the boat among the shotguns, decoy bags and the morning's harvest of mallards and wood ducks. Click here for the full story. 

Offering Light and Love

     Negative stereotypes lose their power and prejudice when people meet face-to-face and get to know each other, according to Don Mosley, a founder of Jubilee Partners, a Christian service community in Comer that has hosted close to 4.000 refugees from 35 countries since 1979. 
     "Jesus welcomed the stranger," Mosley points out, "and as Martin Luther King put it, ' Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that." For the whole story, click here

Take a Bite

     Few sensations are as satisfying as biting into a crisp, ripe apple.  The experience is even better, when the fruit is plucked fresh from a North Georgia apple orchard.

     Generations of Georgia farmers have cultivated the hills for growing delicious apples.  These family-run orchards and large businesses are fully committed to serving their communities, while attracting visitors from all reaches to our state.  Georgia produces more than 600,000 bushels of apples, weighing more than 26 million pounds each year.  While commercial growth of apples is centered in a relatively small area of the state - more than 600 acres with approximately 360,000 trees - they are a major contributor to our agricultural economy as a whole. 

     As temperatures drop, more than just bushels of fresh apples can be found at these apple-house orchards.  Farm fun for all ages awaits as well. Click here to keep reading.