History & Culture

Rural Churches Changed Lives

"You go to church where you live," mama said when I questioned her about why we attended Bethlehem Baptist Church in Clarkesville.  It didn't make much sense to a ten-year-old other than the fact that it was less than a mile form our house.  It wasn't the cool church in the middle of our little downtown; it was out in the middle of nowhere, all by itself. Within a few steps of its front door, a cemetery to one side an a pastorium nudged off to the right where the preacher and his family lived until he moved on to another congregation.  And down the road about 10 miles, this setting repeated. For the full story, click here.

Historic Downtown Preservation

Savannah, Rome, Cartersville, Athens, Carrollton.  With just a quick glance, the well-traveled Georgian can readily recognize major landmarks that reveal the identity of these cities with bustling and thriving historic downtowns.  Restaurants, boutiques, bars, festivals, live music, and public art are just a few of the draws that bring in customers, locals, and tourists alike, and the money they spend.  And these are just a few of the Georgia cities reaping the benefits of their well-preserved history. For the full article, click here.

Ogeechee River Car Museum

Everyone remembers a special car, not necessarily a flashy sports car or fancy luxury model.  Perhaps people recall an old beat-up first car or maybe one that played a role in an important personal milestone or fond memory.  At the Ogeechee River Car Museum in Jewell, people can walk down memory lane and see cars that might remind them of special times or bygone eras. For the full article, click here