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The Year of Self Care

After the devastating hardships that so many have endured throughout the course of 2020 – a global pandemic that lingers, economic volatility, unemployment, loss of loved ones and political and social unrest, to name a few – the year 2021 has been commonly deemed The Year of Self-Care. Click here to continue reading.

Ditch Your Resoultions - Live L.E.A.N. in 2019

Each January, millions of Americans begin their new year with a list of resolutions.  What is often at the top of the list is no surprise: to lose weight, get in shape and live a healthier lifestyle.  Yet, according to, not even 25 percent of people who set resolutions even see them through for 30 days, and only 8 percent actually accomplish them.  As evidence, January 17 has become widely known as Ditch Your Resolution Day, given that the majority of people who make the new year's resolutions will abandon them after only a couple of weeks. For the full story, click here

Stay active. Be healthy.

Sure, you know that exercising is good for your health, but making the commitment can be tough. After all, the 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans says that adults need at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity every week, as well as two strength training exercises a week. Honestly, who has the time? On top of that the government dietary guidelines say adults should eat at least two servings of fruits and three servings of vegetables every day. That's some hefty expectations for people who are constantly on the go. While these guidelines may sound overwhelming they're actually totally doable. To keep reading, click here.

Beat the Heat

Summer is here - the kids are out of school, and vacations and family visits are filling up the calendar. The Georgia weather somehow seems even hotter this year compared to last. You might be tempted to lock yourself inside and blast the air conditioner until the leaves start to change, but don't let the rising temperatures interrupt what is sure to be a fun season. Continue reading about fun ways to "beat the heat" this summer by clicking here.

Cutting-Edge Health

The new year always brings a resolve to get in shape, lose weight and convert to a healthy lifestyle. To achieve these goals, consumers are turning to a new wave of fitness products. Fitbit, Jawbone, Misfit and Samsung Galaxy Gear are some of the many products flying off the shelves and onto users’ wrists, necks, waists and anywhere else they want to place them. Plus, fitnessminded folks are downloading apps like My Fitness Pal, MapMyRun, Skimble’s Workout Trainer and Pocket Yoga to their smartphones and tablets to track their food intake, exercise routines and weight-loss goals. Click here to continue reading and learn more about the world of fitness as it is today!

Screenings for the Health of It

We only get one life and the quality of that life is up to us. Taking care of our health is one way to ensure our quality of life remains good eoo a lifetime. Screenings can help detect problems early, which can lead to successful treatment and provide opportunities for us to make healthy changes, thus enabling us to live long and productive lives. To learn more about the life saving screenings, click here.

The New Normal ~ Life After Cancer

Scott Plumblee went to the doctor for a sore throat and came home with Stage IV cancer. After a year of chemotherapy and radiation, his family celebrated the cancer free declaration. Like many unwelcome guests, new lesions and tumors resurfaced, this time, around his lungs and abdomen. After surgery, treatment began again just as his daughter Kate began her freshman year at The University of Georgia (UGA).

"I knew as soon as I stepped on campus that I wanted to be involved with UGA Relay For Life because of my dad," says Kate who joined the Survivorship Committee. "The Survivor Lap was one of the most special moments I shared with him."

To hear some amazing stories from some amazing heroes, click here.

You Can Do It ~ Get Ready for Your First 5K

You Can Do It.  Get ready for your first 5K that is.

In the last 10 years, running has become the novice sport of choice. Health professionals tout it as the best cardio a person can do. It’s also oft en considered the cheapest sport to jump into. However, for non-runners, the idea of jumping into anything on the pavement is scary and oft en discouraging. If you’re contemplating running your first 5K or even trying to run your first mile – you aren’t alone. It’s easier than you think. The first step is deciding to do it.  To learn how to train for your first 5K Race, click here.

Learn and Live

On a typical hot, humid Georgia summer day, Allen Tibbetts was out playing his usual Wednesday round of golf. By day’s end, there would be nothing normal about June 22, 2011, the day that changed his life forever.

The Magic 102.1 star realized that “something just wasn’t right. I had zero pain, nothing was wrong, but I just felt funny.” To read more about Smith's and other's life-changing events, please click here.


With the explosion of Zumba® in the 90s, the fitness world ignited as dance and fitness collided into a motivational phenomenon. However, it wasn’t until recently that the spark boosted a fi restorm for retail giants and gym classes.  For more on Zumba® including regional class locations, click here(Photo by Zumba® Fitness)

11 in 2011

New Year’s Resolutions – three, short words that send most of us into fits of panic, making promises that, for the most part, we won’t be able to keep. For a new beginning, try these common-sense ideas to improve your finances, carbon footprint and well-being.... To learn how to make 2011 a great healthy year, click here.