2019 Summer Features

Blind Pete

At the end of 2018, Peter Cossaboon completed his sixty-eighth race of the year - many of which were obstacle course races - a number that would be considered impressive for any competitive racer.  What makes this feat especially extraordinary is that Cossaboon ran each step of these 68 races in total darkness. For the full story, click here

Animal Wonders

When the work week ends and play time begins, many adventure seekers are looking for fun, family-friendly activities that often involve animals.  If you've ever wondered where you can find them nearby, then this is your guide. Click here to learn about Georgia Aquarium, Zoo Atlanta, Chestatee Wildlife Preserve and Zoo, and The Georgia Safari Experience (coming soon).

First Responders

When you think about a first responder, you probably think of their vehicle.  A police car and its blue sirens. The large, loud and red fire truck or the EMS van filled to the brim with medical supplies for any emergency situation. Like a cape, the first responder's vehicle is designed to get these real life superheroes to those that need them most.  We spoke with a few first responders to learn about their commitment to the Georgia Connector communities they serve and what it's like to be a real life superhero. To keep reading, click here

Q & A - Life with Lisa Maloof

What do you do at the end of a 32-year career? You turn around and start another.

For Lisa Maloof, stepping into the role of economic development director for Barrow County seemed like a no-brainer. With a background in workforce development, Maloof utilizes her talents in selling prospective companies on the worth and value of making Barrow County home.

She sees Barrow County as a different community in five years.  Building upon its successes and prosperity today, growth will continue to be its theme. To continue reading, click here