Expansion & Optimism Ring True -- Elbert & Greene

The Northeast Georgia counties of Elbert and Greene have long played to their strengths.

These are areas plentiful with natural resources, scenic beauty and hardworking resourceful people, qualities now on display in both counties.   

"Elbert County has certainly come out of the recession," explains Lee Vaughn (Elbert County Commissioner). "We've done more construction loans and more land purchases in the last two years than the previous ten years combined.  It's wide open.  People are buying and people are building.  They are confident in their jobs. They're confident in the economy continuing."

The good times have also returned in nearby Greene County.

"Our county is really starting to take off," declares Commission Chairman Gary Usry.  "Over the next four to five years, we're going to look back and we're not going to be the small little sleeping community that we've been in the past."

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